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Select The Country Name then Region Name & Subregion Name & lastly The Subdivision Name (if there is any) to see Postal Code.

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ALAND    35 Branches
ALGERIA    15951 Branches
AMERICAN SAMOA    1 Branches
ANDORRA    7 Branches
ARGENTINA    20245 Branches
AUSTRALIA    16872 Branches
AUSTRIA    18791 Branches
AZERBAIJAN    1186 Branches
BANGLADESH    1349 Branches
BELARUS    3131 Branches
BELGIUM    2781 Branches
BERMUDA    112 Branches
BRAZIL    5525 Branches
BULGARIA    5284 Branches
CANADA    1656 Branches
CHILE    346 Branches
COLOMBIA    3681 Branches
COSTA RICA    473 Branches
CROATIA    6774 Branches
CYPRUS    1127 Branches
CZECH REPUBLIC    15507 Branches
DENMARK    1154 Branches
ESTONIA    5398 Branches
FAROE ISLANDS    130 Branches
FINLAND    3117 Branches
FRANCE    51666 Branches
FRENCH GUIANA    77 Branches
GERMANY    16478 Branches
GREENLAND    33 Branches
GUADELOUPE    105 Branches
GUAM    21 Branches
GUATEMALA    548 Branches
GUERNSEY    14 Branches
HUNGARY    3571 Branches
ICELAND    147 Branches
INDIA    155543 Branches
IRELAND    138 Branches
ISLE OF MAN    87 Branches
ITALY    18358 Branches
JAPAN    123544 Branches
JERSEY    4 Branches
KOREA, REPUBLIC OF    35583 Branches
LATVIA    6071 Branches
LIECHTENSTEIN    13 Branches
LITHUANIA    21860 Branches
LUXEMBOURG    4483 Branches
MALAWI    491 Branches
MALAYSIA    2812 Branches
MALTA    73 Branches
MARTINIQUE    100 Branches
MAYOTTE    21 Branches
MEXICO    144633 Branches
MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF    1753 Branches
MONACO    29 Branches
NETHERLANDS    4182 Branches
NEW CALEDONIA    52 Branches
NEW ZEALAND    1738 Branches
NORWAY    5079 Branches
PAKISTAN    11844 Branches
PALAU    1 Branches
PERU    96940 Branches
POLAND    71177 Branches
PORTUGAL    206942 Branches
PUERTO RICO    177 Branches
REUNION    152 Branches
ROMANIA    37915 Branches
RUSSIAN FEDERATION    43538 Branches
SAN MARINO    26 Branches
SERBIA    1155 Branches
SINGAPORE    121154 Branches
SLOVAKIA    4231 Branches
SLOVENIA    556 Branches
SOUTH AFRICA    3920 Branches
SPAIN    37867 Branches
SRI LANKA    1837 Branches
SWEDEN    16689 Branches
SWITZERLAND    4311 Branches
THAILAND    903 Branches
TURKEY    36307 Branches
UKRAINE    29571 Branches
UNITED KINGDOM    27430 Branches
UNITED STATES    41483 Branches
URUGUAY    1964 Branches
VIRGIN ISLANDS (U.S.)    16 Branches

General Information About Postal Code

What is Postal Code?

A postal code is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail. This unique code helps postal services to determine where the mail is being sent to.

Almost all the nations of the world use postal codes for sorting mails and though the systems and formats of the postal codes may vary but the common trait is to determine the particular address of the mail & this unique code make the postman's job a little easier.

What is the difference between zip code, pin code, postcode or postal code?

All these codes are essentially the same in their purpose. The difference is postal code is known locally in various terms. such as zip code is mainly used in USA, pin code is used in India, postcode is used in UK & Postal Code is commonly used in other countries.