Wema Bank Customer Care Contact Center Details + Head Office


The importance of an active and effective customer care unit in an organization cannot be overemphasized. It acts as the bridge between the company and the customers they provide goods and services for. The customer service platform provides customers an avenue for giving feedback to the organization, and this in turn helps the organization maintain progress and checkmate excesses and errors.

In the Nigerian banking sector, customer service is as important as the products and services the banks have to offer. Wema bank has one of the most innovative and effective customer care service platforms in the Nigerian banking sector. They have different arms for different specific issues that may arise, and they also have several routes by which instant assistance can be obtained from them, in case of any bank-related distress or emergency.

Wema Bank Internet Banking

Wema Bank customer care feature is known as ‘Purple Connect’. The Purple connect centers are fully-equipped 24-hour contact hubs that are set up to improve the customers’ overall banking experience. They exist at every branch of the bank, and they can also be accessed online.

Services available at the purple connect centers include account balance checking, BVN linking and related inquiries, Internet banking or USSD banking password reset and related requests, Information of current products, services, promotions and offers, ATM Card blocking and re-issuance, information on branch and ATM locations, and etcetera. Via the Purple connect center, customers can get all their unpleasant issues resolved and their questions answered. They can also perform basic transactions from their place of comfort, without necessarily visiting the bank premises.


Customer Care Contact Center Details:

Phone: 08039003700, 01 277 7700-9, +234 1 4613146-7, 07000PURPLE (07000757753)

Email: [email protected]


SMS: +2347051112111

Wema Bank Head Office Address:

WEMA Bank Plc.,


54 Marina

PMB 12862,

Lagos, Nigeria

Email: [email protected]


Tel: +234 1 2778600, +234 1 2711697

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  1. Pls I have issue with my internet transaction which have been to my branch for complain even have spoken to three people on different days no solution, pls help me out. I was told the issue has been sent to the necessary department since 2 Tuesdays ago.pls do something it urgent. My acct is 0229827059. Obafemi Bukola Emmanuel. Thanks

  2. I have not got a satisfactory answer to my complaints on the the trashed money since July 19
    A/c Nos 0227771093

  3. Hey am about to loose it I’ve been trying to transfer money from my account as its urgent only fr the bank to denied ma transaction what for…

  4. Do i have to be a customer of Wema Bank just because they are holding my account in their bank ftom my relative who died. I am not from Nigeria but in order for me to have access to my account from an inheritance. They say that i have to keep the funds in their bank and open an account in my name so i can be a customer at they bank. How is that so. I feel that they are falsely holding my inheritance funds.

  5. My gf did a transfer from her lloyds account to my wema account since yesterday from Newcastle England up till now It hasn’t reflect on my account

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