United Bank For Africa (UBA) Staff Salary Structure

United Bank For Africa (UBA) Staff Salary Structure

United Bank for Africa Plc., also known as UBA, is one of the best banks in Nigeria. Founded in 1949 as the then British and French Bank Limited (BFB), it later changed to the United Bank for Africa. It merged with Standard Trust Bank in 2005, and it is now one of Nigeria’s most reliable banking institutions.

It has fully-operational branches all over Nigeria, and lots more in over 19 African countries. It is also well represented in North America and Europe with over 700 fully-functional offices in the United States of America, France and the United Kingdom. It also has a very large customer base, with statistics reporting an enormous customer base of over eight million persons, groups and corporate entities combined.

United Bank For Africa (UBA) Staff Salary Structure

The banking sector is one of the highest paying industries, not just in Nigeria, but in the entire world. UBA is also one of the well-paying banks in Nigeria. As with most other banks, their salary structure is operated and maintained with strong reference to the different categories of the employees, as well as their grade level within the banking system.

How Much Does a UBA Staff Earn

Categories of bank employees include but are not limited to Permanent/Core Staffs and Temporary/Contract staffs.

UBA Salary for Permanent Staffs

Permanent staffs are those who, as the name implies, are employed in the bank on a non-contract/permanent basis. Workers in this category are not peripheral staffs. They are core staffs, and their functions are integral to the bank’s continued success in light of her stipulated objectives. Permanent staffs include (but are not limited to) the entry-level staffs – which are the first grade staffs within this category; then there are also the credit analysts, loan officers, deputy managers, branch managers, and etcetera.

The salary of permanent staffs far exceeds that of temporary staffs in almost all cases. For entry-level staffs at UBA, their monthly take-home pay is usually around #142,000 naira. This is the lowest amount that any permanent staff can earn; because from this point, it goes higher as one climbs up the ladder of leadership and responsibility as a permanent staff within the bank system. Branch managers in UBA are millionaires: their monthly salary is close to a million naira; and in addition to that, they also enjoy several other mouth-watering benefits and incentives.

UBA Salary for Temporary Staffs

Temporary staffs are of different kinds. They include individuals who are IT students and all kinds of interns. They are seen as peripheral workers, even if they may turn out to be much more than that. They earn around #15,000 naira monthly. An exclusive class of temporary staffs is called the Graduate Trainees’ class.

This category usually comprises of graduates of tertiary institutions who are employed by the bank on a temporary/contract basis and enrolled by the bank for compulsory specialized training for a period of time, after which their performances are reviewed and appropriate recommendations are made as regarding their status as temporary staffs. While they train, they work with the bank and earn a salary of around #60,000 naira monthly.

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