Transfer Funds from Debit Card to Bank Account

Transfer Funds from Debit Card to Bank Account

DO you need to transfer funds from debit card and do not wish to go to the bank? or do you want to transfer money to a bank account and you have not registered or downloaded your mobile banking app?

Transferring money using your debit card should be swift and easy but that is only if you know how it is done. There are various options to transferring from your debit or ATM card to a Bank Account and they are:

  1. Using the nearest ATM to you
  2. Using Quickteller
  3. Using your Bank Mobile App
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Transfer Funds from Debit Card to Bank Account Using ATM

To transfer with the ATM simply locate an ATM and insert your card and then type in your PIN

Next, select Fund Transfer in the options provided


Next,  enter the destination bank of the transfer

Next, enter the account number of the recipient

Next, select your account type (savings or current)

Next, enter the amount to be transferred and Confirm the transfer.


You can decide to print out a receipt if the ATM allows if not that is all with transferring with ATM.

Transfer Funds from Debit Card to Bank Account Using Quickteller

If you do not know Quickteller then you probably have been missing out on one of the best and easiest way to make transactions using your ATM.

With Quick teller you can transfer money to other banks, recharge your mobile phone and pay all sorts of bills.

To get started, register with quickteller by visiting https://www.quickteller.com/Account/Register after that you would need to do a one time activation on your Debit card with any ATM and make any transaction allowed on the quickteller platform.


To activate your card follow the Steps below:

  1. Visit the nearest ATM
  2. Insert your Debit card
  3. Select Quickteller option
  4. Select “Pay bills” option
  5. Choose your account type (savings or current)
  6. Select “Others”
  7. Enter 322222 as the payment code
  8. Enter your phone number as ‘Customer Reference’
  9. Accept the N101.00 amount displayed
  10. Follow prompts to complete the activation

Transfer Funds to Bank Account Using You Banks Mobile App

The best way to transfer funds to bank accounts is using your banks mobile app, to use the mobile app you would need to visit your Banks website to download their app or visit your phone app store to download the right app. Some mobile app can be set up straight away without you needing to visit the bank for a login ID while some others would require you to get a login ID from a bank branch.

Which ever process required in getting the ID be rest assured it is a one time process and whenever you need to transfer funds from your bank to other banks you would not need to visit the bank or even step outside your house. Transferring with any of the method written above is quick, fast and convenient.


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