Skye Bank Staff Salary Structure

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Skye bank is one very unique bank in Nigeria. Like most Nigerian banks, Skye bank employs a special cadre of individuals in a category called Graduate Trainees. These persons are those who may possess the requisite qualifications, but may need some training to bring them up to date with the latest banking trends, operations and systems, in order to enhance their productivity at the job. Examples of individuals who are often employed as graduate trainees include fresh graduates and youth corpers.

If you are an aspiring banker, or a fresh graduate or youth corper looking for employment with Skye bank, this article is just for you. If you are already working and you’re considering switching your employment from wherever you are to Skye bank, this article will be useful for you. In this article, you will discover how much Skye bank pays its staffs, as well as how their staffs are graded.

Skye Bank Staff Salary Structure

Before we consider how much Skye bank staffs earn on a monthly basis, we must understand that the salary increases as one stays longer in the system and gets promoted. The salary cannot remain the same, as long as one stays committed and gets promoted as at when due.

Skye Bank Staff Salary Structure

Graduate Trainees

Graduate trainees are employed then immediately enrolled for specialized training for a number of months. During this period, they will be working at the bank, but their employment status may be regarded as temporary. The average Graduate trainee at Skye bank earns a total salary of 40,000 naira per month. Upon completion of the graduate training scheme, candidates who are tested, recommended and approved would be upgraded to become entry-level staffs.

Entry-level staffs

Entry-level staffs earn considerably higher than graduate trainees in all cases and in all banks in Nigeria. At Skye bank, the average entry-level staff earns a total of 104,000 naira per month.

Loan Officers

Loan officers at Skye bank earn a lump sum of 490,000 naira monthly.

Credit Analysts

Credit analysts are very strategic to the continued progress of the bank. Their decisions go a long way in determining the course of action and/or reaction of the bank management to specific situations and trends. Not just anyone can walk into the bank and become a credit analyst overnight. To become a credit analyst, one must have been in the banking system for a while, added more qualifications to their initial entry qualifications, and showed a degree of consistent commitment and sacrifice during their period of service in their previous office. Credit analysts at Skye bank earn a monthly salary of 550,000 naira.

Branch Managers

Branch managers rule the branches. Their salaries are the highest among all the workers at the branch. The position of branch manager is usually the envy of most bank workers. It takes time, commitment, skill, qualification, boldness and a bit of luck to rise through the ranks and become a branch manager. Skye bank pays its branch managers a lump sum of 630,000 monthly, along with a number of other benefits and allowances.

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