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Retirement Calculator

Calculate Your Retirement Corpus

Retirement Planner Calculator

Calculate Your Retirement Corpus

I am years old.

I plan to retire at years.

My life expectancy is years.
Total Monthly Expenses(₹)

Monthly utility bills, house rent, driver/maid/ cook salaries,
maintenance, fuel, leisure, medicines etc. Exclude EMIs from it.

Expenses Breakdown

If you are not sure about your monthly expenses, use our calculator to find out.
Please note that these do not include ongoing EMIs and Kid’s education expenses

Monthly Rent(₹)
Household Expenses(₹)
Shopping & Dining(₹)
Health Care(₹)
I amwithchildren andparentsdependent on me. I plan to stay in ahouse after retirement andto a smaller city. I am a
Monthly PF Contribution (Employee + Employer) (₹)
Existing PF Amount (₹)
Other Investments (₹)

Growth in Monthly Expenses

What is Retirement Calculator?

A retirement calculator is a simple online automatic tool that enables its user to calculate how much amount of money he needs after his retirement based on various data that are submitted by the user itself.

So one can call it as a precautionary tool to understand how much he needs to invest in order to meet the financial goal once he/she retires. Because of the devaluation of money and steady price rise of commodities, having a sufficient amount of money after retirement becomes essential. Using this calculator, people can have an idea about how much corpus he will be needed to sustain after his retirement.

Why use a Retirement Calculator?

As we discussed earlier that an online retirement calculator can be used to make future plans of investment for a stress-free life, it also helps individuals to plan their budget. This calculator needs personal and financial information like life expectancy, current age, various bills like rent, expenses, medical bills, etc to calculate the final value and thus retirement calculator can effectively determine the inflation rate of such parameters and users can plan accordingly.

Advantages of using Retirement Calculator :

There are some specific benefit that this calculator offers such as.

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