PNC bank virtual wallet

pnc bank virtual wallet

Everything You Need To Know About PNC Bank Virtual Wallet

Some banks have customers who have special demands from any particular market. The bank competes for those customers. The concept of the virtual wallet is formed by the PNC virtual wallet bank. It is wholeheartedly made for the younger generation. Also, it comprises of customers that are tech-savvy. The virtual wallet comes in an online package and it helps the young generation to keep track of their finance. A reserve account and two other accounts are included in it.

PNC bank virtual wallet

History Of The PNC Bank Virtual Wallet

The whole plan of the virtual wallet began in the year 2007. At first, they targeted for customers in the range of 18 to 34.The officials working there made this revelation that the young generation bankers didn’t like the traditional way. This was the slow and online bank sites which were troublesome. It lacked the skills required for money management, but with the emergence of the Virtual Wallet PNC Bank, bankers could manage their money in real time. It was launched in the year 2008 and further developed into mobile apps. It also upgraded to student version in the year 2009. It had further updates in the future years.

The Three Accounts You Need To Know About

The virtual wallet has advantages to it. It helps you by saving and growing your account. It primarily consists of three accounts and these are:


·         Spend Account: It is made for spending money on a daily basis and everyday expenses. You also receive a Visa Debit Card with the virtual wallet. You can use the debit card for making various purchases and spending money. The debit card is portable and can be used for making payments easily. The amount for purchases are being cut from your spend Account. The PNC bank virtual wallet debit card has yet another functionality, i.e. you can withdraw money from ATMs with the Debit card. Online payments are also included which makes paying bills easier and your weekly purchases simple.

·         Reserve Account: The Reserve account, a PNC bank virtual wallet account, as the name suggests is made for short savings. It also helps you in case of a danger day. This means that whenever you’re about to overdraw money from your spend Account. The money saved in the reserve account is quickly transferred to your spend Account so that it doesn’t result in a PNC bank virtual wallet overdraft. This is also called an overdraft protection account. The process is transferring from reserve to spend Account is free of cost. Amazing isn’t it? Your PNC Bank Virtual Wallet reserve account can be used to save up for any short-term expenses. For example buying a laptop or a new camera, a sofa set.

·         Growth Account: it is kind of an account which saves up money for long-term investments. The growth Account acts as another overdraft protection account. It yields high interest which makes it easier for you to plan and save up money. Invest in the growth Account for saving money for bigger purchases which require a lot of money- a car, payment of college loans, buying a house etc. And you won’t require different banks for their high-interest savings because the growth Account helps you to earn more if you save more.

Manage Your Money In A Whole New Way

Having every detail which is systematical and informative about your account is really useful. This helps you in correctly managing your finance. The virtual wallet makes you aware of every situation and lets you react to it very easily and intuitively. All of that whenever you require. The PNC bank virtual wallet student is a perfect option for the students.


Manage Your Financial Life.

·         Calendar: It acts as your assistant and makes your banking needs simple. As an assistant, it lets you see your finance in a detailed way. This includes info about where you’re spending the money and how much you’re earning. It reminds you of upcoming bills and payments.

·         The Money Bar: This is a simple and intuitive way of managing and knowing what your money is for. It is divided into three groups- the money that is already being separated for paying bills and making payments, the money that is available for spending and money that is being saved up.

·         PNC Online Payment: It basically helps you to pay the bills that are already separated from the calendar and the money bar. The PNC bank online virtual wallet proves to be useful here.

·         Spending Zone: This is a tool which can be used by the person to keep track of their expenses. To have a proper look at where the money is going on a monthly basis. This provides you with a better way of managing your money.


·         Mobile Banking: We all trust this that the Mobile Banking Feature is a blessing. It is available on the various mobile platforms. The PNC bank virtual wallet app lets you bank through your mobile phone and has features like depositing money with ease.

·         Danger Day: This acts as a reminder and comes up on your calendar every time your account is on the verge of being overdrawn. With this, you can protect your account from overdraft.

Make Your Target Complete

·         Savings Engine: It provides you with three ways to save your money. All you have to do is choose the paydays. Each and every payday a predetermined amount of money will be transferred from the spend Account to the growth Account for saving up money.


·         Punch The Pig: This comes as a feature of online banking. When you’re using it, just press the piggy bank that pops up and saves the amount of money you want. This transfers the amount you’ve selected to your growth Account.

·         Wish List: The wish list helps you to set your goal and save money for it. You can save it on either the accounts that are the reserve and the spend Account. Whenever your goal is reached, you transfer the money from growth Account to spend Account and that’s it! You’re done.

Advantages Of The Bank Virtual Wallet

·         The Virtual Wallet by PNC Bank provides free transactions at a large number of PNC ATMs. Over 9000 to be precise.

·         It provides you with no limits when writing checks.


·         Returns you high-interest rates

·         You get cash when you use PNC purchase payback

·         You can earn bonus rewards by using the PNC Flex, Visa

·         Provides you with free online banking and helps you in managing your payments.


Method Of Application

Ways Of Applying

·         Online: Most of the banks have online websites which you can access for applying virtual wallet. All you have to do is opt for a PNC bank virtual wallet sign up on their website. And they will guide you through the terms and conditions. This is easy as the website is user-friendly.

·         By phone: You can call the PNC bank virtual wallet phone number and they’ll guide you through the procedure. With the help of a PNC bank virtual wallet customer service, your job is done easily. The staff is user-friendly and efficient, and you’ll be able to apply without any hassle.

·         In Person: If you don’t like the steps mentioned above you can go to the officials at their branch. And talk to them about the procedures and steps required for applying.

Things Needed For Applying

·         You need to have your social security number.


·         A photo ID which is issued by the government. For example a driver’s license or a military ID etc.

To Conclude,

So, now you know all about the PNC Bank My Virtual Wallet. We are here to provide the best PNC Bank Virtual Wallet review if you need it. What are you waiting for? Opt for the PNC bank virtual wallet login right now.

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