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Current Account Comparison of YES Bank and ICICI Bank

Current Account Comparison of YES Bank and ICICI Bank

The Current Account – also known as a Demand Deposit account is specifically opened by businessmen to enable large number of transactions with the bank. These transactions include deposits, withdrawals and contra transactions. Current account can also be opened in either of the banks – private, public, co-operative or commercial banks.

The account is free from limitations of deposits and withdrawals, one can go on with the transaction without giving any prior notice. Account accepts deposits and withdrawals. Cheque facility is possible under these. The current account is not liable for receiving any interest payments.


  • Special accounts for businesses
  • It is a non-interest yielding account
  • The account needs a higher minimum balance
  • Non-maintenance of minimum balance leads to penalties
  • Current account doesn’t come with a fixed maturity term
  • Current account enables businessmen to make regular transactions
  • There is no limit to number and amount of deposits and withdrawals made

Here we will discuss two of the leading bank’s current account

Yes Bank

Yes Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in the country. It understands the dynamic needs of its customers and offers a wide variety of products accordingly. For instance it offers savings account, Recurring account, current account, fixed deposits and so on.

Here we will discuss one of the most in-demand product of Yes Bank i.e. current account. It entails a flexible feature to meet your regular business needs. Apart from enabling business growth also offers transparent pricing structure, cutting-edge banking technology by combining it with their expert knowledge.

Yes Bank offers various types of current accounts to its customers such as:

Business Value Current Account

The average quarterly balance to be maintained in this account is Rs 10,000. By maintaining the minimum balance you get leverage of free cash deposit up to Rs 2 lakh per month. This account also enables customers to issue up to 60 demand draft per month.

Business Growth Current Account

In this account the average quarterly balance to be maintained is Rs 30,000. By maintaining the minimum balance you get leverage of up to Rs 5 lakh per month.

Business Benefited Current Account

By maintaining an average quarterly balance up to Rs 70,000, the customer can enjoy the advantage of free deposits up to Rs 20 lakh per month. As this account enables the customer to issue unlimited demand draft per month, you can be assured of hassle-free business.

Business Edge Current Account

The average quarterly balance requirement for this account is Rs 2 lakh and a customer gets the advantage of free cash deposits up to Rs 50 lakh per month.

Services Offered

The bank offers its customers with convenient and free internet banking, IMPS facility, digital solutions and free usage of business debit cards at ATMs.  As this account also offers value-added banking packages, you have a choice of premium value-added services to suit your business. You can also look at an auto-upgrade facility.

It enables one to avail higher free limits and better services with a routine review of your account ensuring it doesn’t move to the lower tier.

How to apply

To apply for a current account, you can either visit the nearby branch and you can visit the website and apply https://www.yesbank.in/business-banking/current-account.


To suit the needs of the Medium Small and Medium Enterprises, ICICI bank offers comprehensive banking solutions and the current account makes your day-to-day transactions hassle-free by providing facilities like internet banking, mobile banking and tax payments.

Similar to Yes Bank, ICICI Bank too offers different types of current account in accordance with the changing needs of the business:

Regular Current Account Products for Domestic Business

This is suitable for small and mid-sized traders, self-employed professionals and other business with an annual turnover of less than Rs 2 crore.

Premium Current Account Products for Domestic Purpose

Premium services are offered and suitable for growing business.

Current Account Products for Import and Export Businesses

This offers composite banking solutions for importers and exporters with roaming current account and global trade services.

Services offered

ICICI Bank has made business banking easy by offering mobile banking, internet banking, tax pay solutions, business banking debit cards and cash and cheque pick up facility.

Furthermore, it also offers free services, with customised offerings and higher limits for daily transactions.

How to apply

If willing to open a current account with ICICI Bank you can either visit the nearest branch or apply through the website https://www.icicibank.com/business-banking/current-account/documentation.page#toptitle, choosing the purpose of business.


The current account is a zero-balance account useful for business entities to carry out business. Further, it is one of the necessities for all business to have.

Current account offers certain advantages to the customers – enabling a hassle-free business process overall. A regular overdraft facility enables them to withdraw more money than what is actually present in the account to meet business needs.

Free demand deposits, pay orders and NEFT/RTGS transactions are the other advanatges. These are apart from the unlimited numbers of deposits and withdrawals.


How to Protect Your Mobile Banking Account

How to Protect Your Mobile Banking Account

Mobile banking is a hassle-free and cost-effective medium, enabling fast and convenient in support functions such as receiving or transferring money, checking account balance, depositing cheque without visiting the bank and so on.  As per Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s report on mobile banking adoption in the country, “Mobile Banking and Payment Practices of U.S. Financial Institutions: 2016 Mobile Financial Services Survey Results from FIs in Seven Federal Reserve Districts” , 89% of financial institutions provide mobile banking in the U.S.

However, from companies to individuals, only 5% adoption rate is seen for business apps.

Hacking and malware are some of the issues that are preventive in this technological world; they might cause harm to your phone, its memory and other apps available, creating uncertainties in the mobile functioning. The early adoption has given way to a plateau owing to various technical issues and financial institutions not taking the right step towards general digital adoption.

However, for a retail customer keen on using the mobile phone owing to its various conveniences, here are some of the measures to protect your mobile banking that might cause fraud and uncertain intervention.

Measures to protect your mobile banking

Don’t click on malicious links

Links that come without being a “secure” such as URL of the sites begins with “https” and not “http”, one needs to be careful will serving on the internet. Always use your official bank website, instead of falling for emails inviting you to visit the bank’s website. These emails are insecure and the website might seem to be same, but it’s a fake website designed to extract your bank information on just one click. To prevent yourself from this fraud website you need to always remember your bank official website or you can save it as a bookmark. Further, these days instead of visiting the bank via a webpage, you can simply download its official app on your smartphone.

Beware of fraud calls

Yes!! Calling back on a missed call is not necessary until you know the number or person calling. Revert back on an unknown number missed call might cause you a lot, potentially availing unwanted costly schemes, high premium rates for such calls or transfer your mobile data during the call. Further, before installation of any app, especially a mobile banking app it’s quite necessary to check the certificate, to know you are installing the official app and not the duplicates available. And never divulge your banking details on call to anyone not even if it’s your bank official on the other end of the call.

Use social media judiciously

With the increasing use of social media, frauds and fraudulent have also increased. One should never click on the link without having any information about it; as such links might rob your mobile data. One should beware of short-period messaging apps that might get deleted after a few uses with your records still save in them, enabling fraudulent to steal your data from such apps.

Use safe habits for mobile apps

While using mobile apps, you need to be a bit careful. Though banks official banking apps are secure, still one needs to take necessary precautions such as never store your user ID and password for automatically login, debit/credit card pins. Apart, from this one should not use free WIFI hotspot always use password secured once and never share your accounts details via message or call. Further, these days smartphones come with finger lock, face lock and pattern locks, which safeguard your mobile from fraud if fallen in the wrong hands.

Use official apps

Before downloading any app make sure to have enough knowledge about it and check its certification. Such apps are maliciously tampered and steal data. Thus, one needs to be careful while downloading apps as it can bring in malware. Also, one needs to be aware of unwanted ads displayed on the apps, which can hack and steal your data without even you knowing about it. Before downloading any apps make sure to check its rating and customer reviews.


Overall, companies should look at how quickly people are adopting their mobile services for simple services such as checking accounts and depositing checks. Customers should be vigilant to bring up issues with the companies to ensure the system gets sorted out quickly.

Top U.S Banks for Mobile Banking

Top U.S Banks for Mobile Banking
Top US Banking Mobile apps which you must have in your list

With up-gradation towards technology, people are getting used to digitisation. Top U.S banks are not far away from this upgradation to bring common bank service to mobile banking. Thus, enabling convenience, security and service at your fingers is the focus through these banking mobile apps.

Why Mobile Banking Apps are Becoming Popular?

The mobile banking apps can be used from your mobiles, making your banking functions hassle-free. By using mobile-app you can use various bank services – transferring money to someone, paying bills, checking your cheque clearance status or checking your account balance just on a few screen clicks.

Top US banks mobile Apps – Check with your bank today

All customers who are well versed with increasing digitisation want the best app that overcomes all the glitches and provides cost-effective service in less time.

Here we are going to discuss top banks you must have in your list when considering mobile banking apps.

Wells Fargo Mobile Banking

It is free of cost app, which enables you to go through the detailed account activity without having to login the main website. Further, it makes quite easy to locate an ATM nearby to you.

With Wells Fargo Mobile Banking you can also perform functions like transferring funds, paying bills, receiving and sending money and so on. 

Citi Mobile

With the help of Citi Mobile app, you can easily manage your account and Citi credit card just by few taps on your Smartphone.

The app enables you to check balance, make deposits, keep check of recent transactions and transfer money from one account to another without visiting the bank.

One can even use the Citi mobile snapshot feature to gain access to the recent transactions without signing in.

Being an Apple Watch-ready app, you can access your account information easily from your iPhone’s touch ID.

Discover Bank

The app enables you to schedule and confirms payments just with a few clicks. By using a quick-view feature, you can access your account balance without even logging in and can locate nearby free ATM or deposit cheque via your smartphone.

Further, you can set a password or a fingerprint ID to login Discover Bank mobile app.

Mobile Banking is now everywhere!

Bank of America

Cutting the traditional banking norms, Bank of America enables you to deposit cheques using your smartphone camera and also offers attractive perks such as credit card rewards and free access to FICO score.

Further, the bank provides an advantage to those who are out for shopping, by providing access to BankAmeriDeals, wherein you can avail cash-back offers available nearby you.

Ally Mobile Banking

With an aim to lessen your workload, the app is a one-stop point. It enables you to make deposits with Ally eCheck Deposit. Then you can pay your bills and transfer money.

You can use Popmoney to pay anyone who has a U.S bank account. You can also use the app to locate nearby ATM if any. Further, you can use AllyAssist if want to schedule any payment or a transfer.

BMO Harris Mobile Banking

You can log in the app using touch ID or a passcode and avail the functions provided. One useful feature is that of mobile cash to make payment without actually using the debit card. You can also deposit cheque through iPhone camera and locate ATM or a nearby branch.

Further, if you want to set an appointment with the banker you can simply do it using the mobile app.

SunTrust Online Banking

Apart from access to traditional banking services, you also have the option to pay bills and get e-statements. Similarly, you can deposit cheques via photo, transfer money and make payments.

The app gives you 24*7 accessibility to digital banking. Further, you can view 18 months of account statements from the app.

Regions Online

By making use of My GreenInsights feature of the app, you can customise a budget for yourself in order to manage your cash flow. Further, the app can be used to access banking statements with real-time update and avail all the function by use of the mobile app, without visiting the branch.


It is important to understand the extra services you can find on apps sometimes in the form of discounts. All apps are not equally efficient. It will help you find by trial to understand the qualities in each app.

Bank5 Connect, KeyBank Online Banking, TD Bank Online Banking, PNC Mobile app are few other banks to have joined the list of top U.S banks with mobile banking.

In this era of technology and digitization, it’s quite necessary to adapt for a hassle-free service that provides you with a wide range of banking services on your fingertips.

Mobile banking services are free of charge. One needs to wisely choose the best banking app to meet their needs without any disturbance.

6 Steps You Should Take After Mortgage Loan Rejection

Mortgage Loan Rejection

When you are all set to buy a home you always wanted and come across loan rejection letter. This seems to be quite frustrating and it may also disappoint you. Just because your loan application was rejected today that does not mean you will never qualify for a mortgage loan. There is a wide range of other options and services such as Fort Lauderdale Auto Equity Loans to apply for. There is always a way out and there are certain steps that you can take in order to improve your chances to move forward.

Know the Reason for Rejection

The reason for your loan application rejection should not be a surprise. When you apply for a loan and it is denied the lender is supposed to provide you the reason for the denial. Often the lenders should mention the reason for rejection in the denial letter. But when there is no reason mentioned, you should ask lenders to give an appropriate reason for it. This will help you to verify the issues that you were denied for and work on them.

Review Your Credit Score

Your credit score is an important factor that determines your eligibility to get types of loans and rates. Ensure to review your credit score, because even if you have a clear ground, lack of credit score will drag down your rating. Scores under 540 make lenders nervous to approve you a mortgage loan. You can pay off your credit card debts and pay all your bills on time, this will gradually improve your credit score.

Check Debt-to-Income Ratio

The sum of all the monthly payments on the loans you carry divided by your monthly income is the debt-to-income ratio. Lender or bank will consider your debt-to-income ratio that determines your eligibility to get a mortgage loan. They expect your monthly debt to exceed no more than 43% but if it is more than that, you might get a denial. There are chances to improve debt-to-income ratio by reducing the monthly payments.

Consider Appraisal Errors

The amount of loan a bank will lend you directly depends on the value of your property as collateral. When you have a property appraisal, its results can be critical. The value of your home appraisal should not be lower than the amount you want to borrow. If the appraisal value turns out to be lower than the lender may deny your application. You should consider having multiple appraisals and communicate with appraisers to ensure accurate results.

Go for Auto Equity Loans

If you get a denial letter from one lender, there is always another way out. There are other lenders in the market who do not consider your credit score to approve the mortgage loan. Auto equity loan is one of the most reliable forms for a bad credit score. The advantage of an auto title loan is that you can drive your vehicle used as collateral while making loan repayments. It is just that you need to share the title of your vehicle with a trustworthy lender.

Re-Apply for Mortgage

After examining all the factors when you get to know what the issue of mortgage loan rejection is you can take this step. When you rectify the errors and fix your credit score now you are eligible to re-apply for the mortgage loan. Moreover, it is also recommended to take the help of mortgage expert while re-applying to get the mortgage loan.

Therefore, these were the steps you can consider and make according to adjustments to get an approval letter and buy a house of your dream.

Fort Lauderdale Auto Title Loans

Fort Lauderdale Auto Title Loans

Embassy Loans is a leading auto title loan provider since 2005. It’s located in Copper City, Florida. It provides easy loans with low rates and quick. Embassy Loans are situated in 32 locations in Florida. We can get the loans not only in direct application submission but also in online options. There are no credits so no problem in getting loans.

This embassy loans provide Fort Lauderdale auto title loans through which we can get the loan and we can drive the car. To get an approval of loan need not take much time, it’s just 10 minutes to get approval. Monthly interest rates within the range will be 1.5% to 2.5% with 12 to 14-month terms. There are no prepayment penalties.

Embassy loans provide auto equity loans which are licensed under the “Florida Consumer Finance Act”, under Florida statute 516. Embassy loans licensed under “Florida Title Loan Act” in which any Embassy Loans activities, consumer were secured by bailment certificate of title to the motor vehicle.


A Loans Fort Lauderdale is the best solution for cash. If we found difficulties and problem need of money just in an hour we can get money with low interest. There is some bank to give loan but it will take too long in cash credits and long of approval. But there is no guarantee for approval. At instances, bank is not a solution to clear the problems.

At Embassy Loan – Loans Fort Lauderdale gives the instant loan with lower rate of interest with easy and quick cash in hands. In an hour of application submission, the loan is prime providers for car title loans in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Fort Lauderdale Car Title Loans And Auto Equity Loans

Embassy Loans are now providing car title loans in Fort Lauderdale. The main aim of the Loans Fort Lauderdale is to get cash when customers needed it, without no rejection from bank or no long wait to get cash. At Embassy Loan will approve the loan in an hour by the very simple approval process.

We can directly meet at the office or we can simply fill the application form in online or we can give a call.  Embassy Loan staff will assist to fill an application if we found any difficulties and leverage the car for the loan. At the instant, we can come to know that how much car is worth and how much we can borrow.

The amount will be borrowed depend upon the entire value of the car. In another bank to get a loan the assets should in our name, even our credit rating is good they would not provide a loan, but in Embassy Loan our vehicle is the asset will serve as a credit they would not see credit rating.

All they need the customer that they can get the loan with any obstacles, they just needed three important documents to get the loan is to ownership of the car and verify the address. After inspecting the car and if matches the title, we will get the loan and we can move out of the office with the pocket full of cash.

So stop by Embassy loan – Fort Lauderdale Auto Title Loan to get the loan by keeping the asset of our vehicle in an instant do not want to go to the bank for a loan.

Here the steps to get the loan in easy:

Step 1: Fill out the Application Form.

Step 2: Few documents should be provided.

Step 3: Car should be inspected Online or Nearby.

Step 4: Collect the cash.

No Waiting. No stacks of paperwork. No credit check for loans. Embassy Loan – “Easy Come Easy Loan”.

How to register for internet banking with The Royal Bank of Scotland

internet banking with The Royal Bank of Scotland

How to register for internet banking with The Royal Bank of Scotland

Forget the hassles of standing in a queue for hours in a bank to manage your accounts. You can now easily go through the online registration procedure to avail the internet banking service from the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The Royal Bank of Scotland, in collaboration with Ulster Bank and NatWest, has over 700 branches throughout the world where you can avail the ultimate financial services. It is functioning since 1724 and providing the best financial services to the customers.

Due to the huge popularity of the bank for its impeccable services, it has provided an online portal to manage all your financial requirements via internet banking. You will not have to spend unnecessary time standing in a line and waiting for your turn. Adding an online banking facility to your account will provide extreme flexibility and control. You can access the account anywhere you want via your mobile or a desktop and can manage it as per your convenience.

How to apply for internet banking?

The user interface of the website where you can register to add a digital banking service is very easy. Follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Type of customer

Open the page for digital banking application on the website. You will find the first page where it asks to choose the type of customer you are. The displayed options will be:

  • Personal customer
  • Business customer
  • Credit card user only

Choose the right one and move to the next page.

Step 2: Personal information

In this page, you will have to enter your name, date of birth, account number and sort code. Next, you will have to enter the debit or credit card number and three numbers (CVV) mentioned at the back of the cards. Before leaving the page, tick the box of ‘terms and conditions’ and then click ‘Next’.

Step 3: Detail confirmation

Your customer number will be displayed (date or birth with four other numbers). Remember this number to log in anytime. You will be requested to download the mobile application for internet banking.

Step 4: Activation Code

An activation code will be sent to your registered mobile number. Use this activation code to enter the website after entering your customer number in the specific sections. Click on the ‘Next’ button to enter pin activation page.

Step 5: Pin activation

In this page, set your own 4-digit PIN and a password for the digital banking feature. The password should be within 6 and 20 characters. Remember the PIN and the password so that you can avail the digital banking feature anywhere anytime.

Why use internet banking service?

The internet banking service offers extreme convenience to the account holders in the following ways.

  • Paying bills will be a lot easier
  • Checking monthly statements
  • Money transfer between personal and other bank accounts will be convenient
  • You can check the bank account balance anytime

The service can be availed free of cost. These services can be availed 24 hours a day. Once registered with the digital banking service, The Royal Bank of Scotland offers telephone banking service for free. Download the mobile application for digital banking and enjoy managing your bank accounts anywhere in the world.