Keystone Bank Staff Salary Structure

Keystone Bank Staff Salary Structure

The banking sector is one of the most lucrative sectors in Nigeria. It ranks high among the highest-paying industries in Nigeria. Many persons who are currently working as bank employees would almost readily give their all to maintain their jobs, while those who aspire to get those jobs would give their all and do all they possibly can to get them.

The average banker in Nigeria earns considerably higher than most persons working white-collar jobs. What more, banks these days go for the young and trendy; so a young graduate or recent NYSC corper can confidently apply for a bank job and get employed if qualified; much unlike in other sectors where some years of work experience is necessary for consideration.

One of the most popular new-generation banks currently making waves in the Nigerian banking sector is Keystone Bank. They are known for being timely and efficient in the provision and delivery of their user-friendly products and services. Many persons wish to gain employment in a place where the work environment and conditions are propitious for personal development, and where the salary reflects the true value of the work that is inputted into the system. Well, even though many organizations fall short of these near-unrealistic expectations, Keystone bank does not fare poorly. Firstly, they provide an enabling workplace for all their employees and customers to thrive, and they pay their staffs well enough to motivate them to continue to work hard.

This article explains the salary structure of staffs of Keystone bank Nigeria. Here, you will get to know how much a staff at the bank earns monthly.

Firstly, Keystone bank – like many other banks – has two major types of staffs: Temporary and Permanent staffs.

Keystone Bank Contract/Temporary Staffs Salary

Contract staffs are those that are employed on a temporary basis. Their employment agreement with the bank is usually reviewed after a fixed period of time, after which the contract is either annulled or renewed, based on the bank management’s assessment of the staff’s performance at duty during the period of the previous contract. Contract staffs may also include Graduate Trainees, which are employed and trained, before being shortlisted for approval to become full-time employees. Contract staffs earn between 60,000 and 70,000 naira every month, and this variation is a function of the office/department in the bank wherein the employee is functioning.

Keystone Bank Entry-level Salary

Entry-level or basic level staffs are those employees who are at the bottom of the hierarchy of leadership and permanent employees within the organization. They are not the least-ranked workers in the bank, as Keystone also employs Graduate Trainees and Contract staffs, who are more or less like ‘Temporary staffs’. Under normal circumstances, Keystone bank pays its entry-level staffs a monthly salary of 127,000 naira. Basic level staffs are also entitled to receive a number of benefits and allowances periodically.

Other positions in the bank include the loan officers, tellers, IT officers, and then the branch Manager who earns in excess of 800,000 naira monthly.



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