An insight on Barclays bank internet banking registration procedure

Barclays bank internet banking registration procedure

Headquartered in the capital of England; London, Barclays plc is a British worldwide investment bank. Operating in more than forty countries, it offers sustainable returns for every customer. Being bestowed with 325 years of proficiency in banking, it has reached millions of milestone with the launching of the world’s primary ATM, Smartphone payment services and a lot more. In fact, it is the first banking firm to commence Internet banking in Seychelles for all personal customers.

Gaining information on Barclays Internet Banking

Irrespective of where customers are, they can engage in online banking with ease. Online customer registration for Internet banking is followed by the incorporation of few vital details such as

  • ID Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Account Number
  • Branch Code
  • Debit card number
  • Debit card expiry
  • CVV

Registration can be commenced by filling forms available at every branch as well as done online. The choice rests with the customers.


Internet banking offers certain benefits

On activating Internet banking at Barclays plc, customers receive the opportunity of making life more convenient due to the following highlights

  • Utility bill payment such as Water, GCC rates, Electricity & DStv
  • Bank draft purchasing
  • Statement printing
  • International payments
  • Checking account balances
  • Fund transfer between personal account & other banks
  • Payment beneficiary set up

Most strikingly, this service from the banking firm is offered absolutely free of cost to all the customers. With this, they can manage all finances in a secure manner.

Looking at some of the perks


This digital world is multifaceted & competitive where everyone needs to be fast paced especially with receiving & disbursing payments. Barclays plc is one such renowned financial services firm that will enable every customer to manage their bank accounts even when they are travelling, at home & in office. It is possible because of their digital channels like exclusive Internet banking that makes everything convenient. The perks are as follows:

  • No restrictions on when a customer chooses to bank
  • Extremely hassle-free and handy
  • The Internet banking website can be accessed 24/7

Thinking about security?

When Barclays is in question, the term ‘security’ should not be a concern. The reasons that make it completely secure are:

  • Password & username fabricated by the customer himself
  • In instances of every transaction and log in, the process can only be complete with the one-time password that the customer can view on his registered phone number

Few Tips for more security

  • Keeping a confidential password is mandatory
  • Logging off from the Internet banking website is binding
  • Checking account balance on a regular basis is important
  • Keeping a track on the last login time also holds vitality

Keeping all these things in mind, for people who are not yet familiar with Online banking will surely move forward & opt for it for experiencing convenience at all times. Barclays plc promises to make a positive difference in every person’s life

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