Icici bank coral travel card

It is a pain to carry notes all the time. They take up space, are easily damaged and getting change is always a problem. No wonder why people are readily moving to cards and Travel Card is one stop solution for international payments.

Carrying money is a problem already and also the difficulty of obtaining foreign currency when travelling abroad along with the hassle of making payment through paper money is not worth it. One plastic card can have all the money of your bank account in it as you travel carefree.

So, the travel card is similar to any other financial card used in place of paper money.

Travel cards and Usages

  • Cashless payment-Travel cards are your best companions in foreign travelling. You can pay anywhere from the pre paid amount in your respective account. Along with other features of the travel card, insurance is also provided with it.
  • Emergency travel assistance- Banks have bundled many more features with travel card. One among them is the Emergency Travel assistance. Not always one is lucky enough when outside home. So, in case of theft overseas travel cards provide you the service of emergency assistance.
  • Others- Travel Insurance, Secure Payment through Chip and PIN technology and Free Card replacement in case of damage, theft or loss after all these are the two major problems with money which must not be present here.


Coral Card is one of the Travel Cards provided by ICICI, the renowned Indian bank. It is just like any other travel card but with some of the finest facilities. For a pre-paid card, the owner must add money into the card before using it. It can be used for carrying forex and is internationally accepted on all international websites and the merchant outlet overseas.


Apart from India,Nepal and Bhutan, the card can be used all across the world and apart from just making payments, one can also withdraw cash from an ATM in fifteen different currencies namely, USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, SGD, AED, CHF, JPY, SEK, ZAR, SAR, THB, NZD, HKD.

Not only that but the currency fluctuation is also not a cause of concern as the exchange rate will be decided when you load the card with money and not on the day you pay. One such service is the ICICI bank’s Goibibo travel card.

The card is a convenient way of paying for shopping, air tickets and accommodation and there are a few other benefits as well such as free vouchers. Furthermore, it can also be used to check the bank balance in any of the fifteen currencies with a nominal charge.

Right now, ICICI bank is also providing benefits worth Rs 3,000 for a Card just costing Rs 500.  There are following types of coral cards-

  • ICICI Coral American Express credit card
  • ICICI Coral Visa Platinum credit card
  • ICICI Coral Contactless credit card
  • Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral credit card
  • ICICI Bank NRI Coral credit card

How to Get One?

You need following documents to get an ICICI coral card.

  1. The original Passport and its photocopy
  2. The original Pan Card and its photo copy
  3. Form 60 if the cash is paid above 25000 INR

Process for Coral Card

Net banking Mobile app Forex branches
Log in to internet banking of ICICI Login in with your mobile app Go to your nearest ICICI forex branch
<my accounts><forex and travel cards> Tap “cards, loans and forex” fill in the travel card application form
Click “buy a new travel card” Tap “request currency notes or travel cards” Submit details and get it verified with original documents
Submit required details Submit required details  
You’ll receive travel card at your doorstep within 3 working days You’ll receive travel card at your doorstep within 3 working days Card will be immediately handled and started within 1 working day.

Fee Structure

For providing better and chaos-free service to the customers, ICICI bank charges some amount of fee regarding its coral card services. The fees are not too high. These are-

  1. Cost of acquiring a Coral Card – Rs 99 + GST.
  2. Annual fees charged-  Rs 299 + GST and
  3. Inactivity fees – 5 USD or equivalent on every 180 days of inactivity.

Advantages Compared to other Banks – Value to you

Using an ICICI coral card is easy and necessary if you find cash carrying difficult and risky. Acquire one as there are some of satisfactory advantages enjoyed by a coral card user, like-

  1. First and foremost, it removes the problem of carrying cash all the time and thus makes it easier to travel hassle free.
  2. There are many free vouchers that come with the buying of the card as well which can be cashed on services like bookmyshow app and ola.
  3. The card also comes with many travel insurances ranging from Death Insurance to loss of luggage and even missing of an international connecting flight.
  4. It is enabled with wallet for wallet currency transfer and can also be used for duty free shopping at Indian airports, after all no one likes paying extra taxes.
  5. Best part is, you can use it in 15 different countries unlike indusind forex card which is only for 8 other countries.
  6. The issuance charge is also low (Rs 150) compared to the HDFC travel card (Rs 500).

Customer Reviews

According to cardexpert.com, coral card receives 2.5 out of 5. And the customers have a mixed review regarding the working of the card.



As the world changes rapidly with the introduction of new technologies, we must change with it as well and no sector is left untouched, not even paper money which has endured for over a millennium.

The paper money, due to its inherent weaknesses, will be replaced by plastic money and since Cards know no boundaries, are a much better way of international transactions.

Coral Card of ICICI is one good alternative to money with its easy to use features, safe framework and enticing offers. And also, grabbing one is not a tough task!


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