How To Check Your Keystone Bank Account Balance

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Keystone Bank is a new generation bank in Nigeria. Following the regulations of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), they have developed a Mobile banking system to meet the needs of their customers. In times past, bank customers had to go through strenuous procedures in order to perform basic transactions and make enquiries: but now, with the introduction of mobile banking systems, banking has become so easy that transactions can now be carried out from the comfort of one’s home or office!

However, it is worthy to note that not all bank transactions can be carried out over-the-air. Only basic transactions like account balance checking, local funds transfer and airtime recharge can fly on the mobile banking feature: certain transactions like cheque clearing and account updating may necessitate the visit of the customer to the bank premises.

How To Check Your Keystone Bank Account Balance

There are quite a number of mobile banking channels through which bank customers can access their bank accounts and perform basic transactions without physically visiting the bank. One of those is the Mobile Application software. Keystone bank has application software for mobile devices, available on the app stores of various mobile phone brands. The software is to be downloaded and installed on the customer’s smartphone; and when it is configured and activated, it links the customer directly to his/her account with the bank so that he or she can carry out any of the transactions available, as provided by the bank. It requires the use of internet connection.

A more common channel of accessing mobile banking services is called USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) banking. In this case, the customers are linked to their bank accounts via a special USSD code. To do this, the customer must dial the bank’s unique code from his/her registered mobile phone number. The USSD channel does not require the ue of internet; however, the code must be dialed from a network-enabled mobile phone with strong signal reception.

How To Check Your Keystone Bank Account Balance

To check your Keystone Bank account balance via USSD banking, simply dial *322*082# (for MTN, 9mobile(etisalat) and Airtel subscribers) follow the on-screen commands.

For Glo users, dial *805*082#, follow the on-screen commands.

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