How To Check Your Fidelity Bank Account Balance

Fidelity Bank Internet Banking

As a customer of a Nigerian bank, you will want to keep a close eye on the activities going on in your account. In previous years, this was only possible by coming directly to the nearest branch of your bank to make appropriate enquiries; and this usually required the customer to wait long hours before being attended to, due to the high number of other customers seeking attention.

Mobile banking has solved all those problems. With mobile banking, one does not necessarily need to visit the bank often to monitor the activities in his/her account. In fact, not only can he or she view their account activities, they can now also perform a number of basic transactions on their bank account without coming to the bank branch. This is one major advantage of Mobile Banking.

There are a number of ways through which one can access this mobile banking feature. One, he/she can use the bank’s unique ‘Mobile Banking Application Software’, downloadable for free at their respective mobile device application stores. This application is then installed on the customer’s device, configured over-the-air or at the bank, and linked to the account. From then on, using stable internet connection, the customer can easily log in to the bank’s database to view his/her account, transfer funds, purchase airtime, pay bills, etcetera.

Other ways to access Mobile banking include via the use of shortcodes and sms. Some banks have short codes to send balance enquiry messages to, and they respond quite swiftly.

How To Check Your Fidelity Bank Account Balance

For Fidelity bank, there are a variety of ways. Let us not forget that Mobile Banking provides only basic transactions like account balance inquiry, funds transfer, and airtime recharge. Not every bank transaction is available on the mobile banking platform.

To check your Fidelity bank account balance, simply dial *770*0# from your registered phone number and follow the onscreen prompts to see your account balance.

Another way you can check your account balance is simply by downloading the Fidelity Bank mobile application from your phone application store. Install it, configure it, and carry on!


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