How To Check Your Ecobank Account Balance

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Ecobank Nigeria Plc. is one of the longest standing banks in Nigeria. The pan-African bank was birthed when a number of banks on the brink of liquidation several years ago were merged. Today, the bank has grown steadily, her customer base has multiplied exponentially across Africa.

Ecobank offers mobile banking services to meet the needs of its customers. Mobile banking provides a way for bank customers to access their account information, make inquiries and perform primary transactions without physically visiting the bank. Examples of transactions available on the mobile banking feature are airtime recharge, local funds transfer, bill payments, account balance enquiry, etc.

How To Check Your Ecobank Account Balance

Ecobank’s mobile banking feature is available via two channels:

  • The USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) portal. The USSD portal is a unique gateway on the mobile banking platform that securely links the customer to his/her account on the bank’s database. When such connection is established, the customer may perform a number of transactions, such as local funds transfer, account balance checking, and etcetera. The USSD portal is accessed via a unique shortcode which the customer has to dial from his/her registered mobile phone number, using a network-enabled mobile phone. Once the code is dialed and connection is established, a number of available options appear. These options are the services the bank has made available for the customer at that particular time, depending on the kind of account and a number of other factors.

How To Check Your Ecobank Account Balance

For emphasis’ sake, Eco bank’s USSD shortcode is *326#. Dial this code from your registered mobile phone number and the available options will appear.

For example, to check your account balance, simply pick up your phone and dial *326*0# and follow the prompts.

Alternatively, you can dial *326#. Wait for some options to pop-up on the screen. Select the option applicable for ‘Account Balance’, follow the prompts and wait for a few seconds for your account balance to appear.

  • The other method is through the mobile banking app. Simply log on to your device’s app store, search for and download ‘Ecobank Mobile Banking App’, install, configure and use, following the instructions.

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