How To Check WEMA Bank Account Balance

WEMA Bank Mobile Banking

Wema Bank offers its customers a wide range of products and services via its mobile banking portal. All are targeted at making basic banking operations easier, more user- friendly and reliable. This was against the backdrop of a myriad of issues arising from the manual operations that once held sway. At some point in recent past, before Electronic banking systems were introduced, all banking operations were carried out manually.

They were very slow, inefficient, unreliable and dissatisfying to customers. Many times customers would have to show up at their banks very early in the morning just to get basic transactions done, and often times they ended up spending the whole day at the banks. Bank staff got exhausted, materials ran out of supply, and everyone just got aggravated!

How To Check WEMA Bank Account Balance

The introduction of Electronic banking (E-banking) was purposed to curb those inefficiencies – which it did, to some extent. E-banking replaced all the manual procedures, but the customers still had to come to the bank physically. Over time, e-banking systems began to balk under the weight of the ever increasing volumes of transactions that had to be processed. Many times issues of broken-down servers came up, as well as problems of network and connectivity to the bank’s central online administrative system.

However, the entry of Mobile Banking features into the Nigerian banking landscape eliminated almost all of these problems away with one clean sweep. Nowadays, with mobile banking, customers need not appear in the bank to perform basic transactions again – as long as they have a network-enabled mobile phone to access their bank’s mobile banking portal. From the comfort of their homes or offices, they can easily perform transactions and receive appropriate notifications.

How To Check WEMA Bank Account Balance

Mobile banking works through a unique USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) portal. Every bank has a unique code that when dialed, links directly to their mobile banking portal, through which their customers can access their account and perform basic transactions like account balance checking, money transfers, etc.

Wema Bank’s USSD portal is accessed by dialing *945#.

To check your account balance, simply dial *945*0# from your registered mobile phone number.

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