How to Check Skye Bank Account Balance

How to Check Skye Bank Account Balance

The use of USSD code on your mobile phone to carry out banking transactions that would normally necessitate a physical visit to the bank has made banking operations easier and more satisfying to bank customers. Even though there are a few limitations to mobile banking features, quite a number of bank transactions can be carried out via the bank’s USSD portal.

Mobile banking makes use of a network-enabled mobile phone, and every individual bank has their unique USSD code through which their customers can access their accounts and perform whatever transactions are available to them.

How to Check Skye Bank Account Balance

Even beyond the use of USSD codes to carry out transactions, banks now have mobile banking applications on various smartphone platforms (android, iOs and Windows) to meet the needs of their customers. So the average bank customer has a minimum of two options to choose from if he or she is unwilling to go the bank or visit an ATM machine.

Mobile banking is not rocket science! As simple and user-friendly as it is, many persons are still not aware of its existence, while few others still prefer the good old way of queueing in the banking hall or behind the ATM.

Skye bank provides mobile banking services to its customers. Those who wish to perform transactions can either download their mobile banking application for free from their respective app stores (for those with smartphones); and those who do not use smartphones but still wish to access mobile banking services can do so via the banks USSD portal.

How to Check Skye Bank Account Balance on Phone

Every bank has a USSD portal, and these portals are accessed by dialling each bank’s unique USSD code on their registered mobile phone number.

Skye banks unique USSD code is *833#

To check your Skye Bank account balance:

Simply dial *833# from your registered mobile phone number, then follow the prompts displayed on your phone to see your account balance.

Asides checking account balance, other services available on Skye bank’s USSD portal include money transfers, airtime recharge, bill payment, account opening, and more. All can be accessed by dialing *833# and selecting the appropriate option.

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