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How to Check GTBank Account Balance With SMS

GTBank is one of the leading Banks in Nigeria when it comes to information technology in the Banking sector.
Performing basic banking operations have been made possibel with GTBank SMS Banking. With the SMS Banking you can check your GTBank account balance, purchase airtime, find out or confirm your account number, reset your password or block a stolen or lost ATM Card.

DO note that whenever you perform any of the banking operations, it must be done with the phone number registered with the Account.

To Check Your GTBank Account Balance with SMS

Using SMS, Send “Balance (Account Number)” to 0807666555
E.g Balance 0011232323 to 08076665555

Once the SMS is sent to the number you should get the balace of your account via SMS almost immediately.

Other GTBank SMS Banking Operations:

To Check or Confirm Your Account Number

Using SMS, Send ‘My Account’ to 08076665555
E.g My Account to 08076665555

To Purchase Airtime From Your GTBank Account

Using SMS, Send “Network Amount (NUBAN Account Number’) to 08076665555
E.g MTN 750 0011232323 to 08076665555

To Reset Your GTBank Internet Banking Password

Using SMS, Send ibank (NUBAN Account Number) to 08076665555
E.g iBank 0011232323 to 08076665555

To Block Your GTBank Stolen ATM Card

Using SMS, Send ‘HOTLIST (Account Number) to 08076665555
E.g HOTLIST 0011232323 to 08076665555

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