How to Check GTBank Account Balance

In previous years, GT Bank customers could not easily access their accounts due to the huge amount of customers the bank staff had to attend to on a regular basis.  During that period, banking operations were very slow, inefficient, and clumsy; and this often displeased and frustrated many customers.

However, soon after, all that rowdiness and ineffectiveness was phased out by the invention of Electronic Banking Operations (E-banking). E-banking made banking activities easier, faster and more reliable. However, in spite of these improvements, banking halls were still being packed full with needy customers on a regular basis. This dilemma led to the introduction of Mobile Banking.

How to Check GTbank Bank Account Balance

Mobile Banking was introduced as a means to enhancing the speed and effectiveness of delivering bank products and services; primarily by reducing/totally eliminating the need for customers to always turn up at the bank branches seeking attention for simple transactions.

The mobile banking feature is available for every network-enabled mobile phone and can be accessed via dialing a simple USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code. All banks have their unique USSD codes through which their respective customers can access their accounts through their registered mobile phone number and easily make transactions without coming to the bank. With mobile banking, customers who have a working mobile phone can make transactions from their comfort zones. From account balance checking to money transfers and bill payments, mobile banking covers most transactions that are done in a banking hall.

How to Check GT Bank Account Balance

GT Bank offers tariff-free mobile banking. Their unique USSD code is *737#. To access GT Bank’s mobile banking feature, simply dial *737# from your registered mobile number and follow the prompts. You may have to set a PIN.

To check your GT Bank account balance:

  • First ensure that you register by dialing *737#. Register by following the on-screen commands.
  • After you have registered, simply dial *737*6*1# from your registered mobile phone number.
  • You will then be asked to input your 4-digit PIN or the last four digits of your BVN for verification.
  • Afterwards, you will get a message displaying your account balance.

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