How to Check First Bank Account Balance

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First Bank is one of the oldest banks in Nigeria, established in 1894. It is also one of the banks with the largest customer base. In times past, banking systems were not as swift and stress less as they are today. Today, customers can easily check their account balance and carry out other transactions via their mobile devices, but it was not always so.

At some point in time, banking activities were very slow, inefficient, and clumsy; and this was frustrating to many customers. Bank customers could not easily get attention from bank staff due to the huge amount of customers that had to be attended to on a regular basis.

First Bank Mobile Banking

However, soon after, all that rowdiness and ineffectiveness was phased out by the invention of Electronic Banking Operations (E-banking). E-banking made banking activities easier, faster and more reliable. However, in spite of these improvements, the problem of always having halls filled with customers needing attention was not totally eliminated. This dilemma led to the introduction of Mobile Banking.

Mobile Banking was introduced as a means of enhancing the speed and effectiveness of delivering bank products and services: primarily by reducing/totally eliminating the need for customers to always turn up at the bank branches seeking attention for simple transactions.


The mobile banking feature is available for every network-enabled mobile phone and can be accessed via dialing a simple USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code. All banks have their unique USSD codes through which their respective customers can access their accounts through their registered mobile phone number and easily make transactions without coming to the bank. With mobile banking, customers who have a working mobile phone can make transactions from their comfort zones: from airtime recharge to money transfers and bill payments, almost all banking hall transactions are covered.

Unfortunately, not so many First Bank customers are aware of this mobile banking feature; and among those who are aware, not many know how to access it. Well, mobile banking is not rocket science!

How to Check First Bank Account Balance on Phone

To check your First Bank account balance:

  • Simply dial *894*00#. You should get an SMS containing your account details immediately after you dial that USSD code.


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