How to Check Access Bank Account Balance

How To Check Your Bank Account Balance Using Your Phone

Before the incorporation of electronic systems into banking operations, bank customers always had to physically visit their respective banking halls and sometimes queue for long hours before they would be attended to.  During that period, banking operations were very slow, inefficient, and clumsy; and this often left many customers frustrated and dissatisfied.

However, not long after that period, all that clumsiness was overridden by the introduction of Computerized Operations (E-banking) to banking activities. E-banking made banking operations easier, faster and more reliable. However, despite these improvements, the problem of having banking halls packed full with needy customers still lingered. This dilemma led to the introduction of Mobile Banking.

How to Check Access Bank Account Balance

Mobile Banking was introduced to solve two major problems. One; to enhance the speed and efficiency of delivering bank products and services: and two; to reduce or totally eliminate the need for customers to always turn up at the bank branches seeking attention for simple transactions.

The mobile banking feature is available for every mobile phone and is accessed via dialing a simple USSD code. Each bank has their unique USSD code through which its customers can access their accounts through their registered mobile phone number and make transactions without physically visiting the bank. With mobile banking, customers can now make transactions from the comfort of their homes, as long as they have a working mobile phone. From account balance checking to money transfers and bill payments, mobile banking covers most transactions that could be done in a banking hall.

Access Bank is one of the pioneers of mobile banking. To access your Access Bank account and all the available services on their mobile banking feature, simply dial their unique USSD code, which is *901#. From then on, simply follow the prompts.

How to Check Access Bank Account Balance

To check your Access Bank account balance, simply dial *901*0# from your registered mobile phone number.

You will receive a prompt message to enter either your mobile banking PIN or the last four digits of your BVN. This is only for verification and security purposes. Once you supply the needed passcode, your account balance will be displayed on your phone screen.

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