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Home Loan Calculator

Home Loan Calculator with Prepayments, Taxes & Insurance

Online Home Loan Calculator

Calculate Down Payment, Fees & One-time Expenses, Principal, Prepayments, Interest, Taxes, Home Insurance & Maintenance of your Home Loan

Home Loan Details


Homeowner Expenses

Partial Prepayments — Amount and Start Date

Total Monthly EMI Payment

Principal & Interest (EMI)
Monthly Extra Payment (from Oct 2013)
Property Taxes
Home Insurance
Maintenance Expenses
Total Monthly Payment

All Total Payments

Down Payment, Fees & One-time Expenses
Taxes, Home Insurance & Maintenance
Total of all Payments

Payment Details Breakdown

Home Loan Payment Schedule
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What is Home Loan Calculator?

A Home loan calculator is a kind of online tool that helps to calculate the total EMI payout against the Home loan. People are always dreamt of having a house, but owning a house requires a lot of instant money. That’s why people took home loans from various financial institutions, but it is really difficult to determine the exact EMIs as it requires a lot of time to calculate all the things manually. So, to reduce the headache and the ability to calculate the outcome instantly, one can use an Online Home loan calculator.

Why use Home Loan Calculator?

Basically, a home loan calculator helps its user to gain a clear picture about how much amount he needs to pay after taking the loan and whether his financial condition can afford it in a long term or not. So users can be aware of their future financial liabilities through this online home loan calculator way before taking the loan and able to take the correct decision. A home loan calculator also helps to plan the expenditure properly like he should go for a long term or a short term loan etc.

Advantages of using Home Loan Calculator :

‘Prevention is better than cure’, we all heard of it but we can’t able to implement it properly. Using a home loan calculator is considered as the prevention before taking the loan. Reasons are,

  • Determine the payable amount effectively.
  • User can plan their cost management in right way.
  • Simple user interface and easy to access.
  • Efficient and reliable.
  • Instantly delivers results.

Formula of calculating Home Loan

For calculating Home loan and its EMIs structure a specific formula is being used.

A= [P x R x (1+R) ^N]/ (1+R) ^N-1.

where A= EMI amount, P= principal ( the amount which is the original loan amount giver by bank) , R= rate of interest, N= number of years/ tenure of repayment.

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