GTBank Staff Salary Structure

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In every crowd, there will always be a handful of individuals who stand out. The Nigerian banking sector is filled with several banks: but amongst the many, few readily come to mind as most preferred to do business with by both individuals and businesses; due to either the bank’s preference for customer satisfaction, or their excellence in service delivery, or their low service charges, or their personalized products and services, or a combination of all these factors.

Banks that are most loved by customers have a tradition of going the extra mile to please their customers and soothe all their worries and complaints. As a customer, nothing beats being treated executively; and this indirectly impacts upon the stability and growth of the bank’s customer base within a specific period.

GTBank Staff Salary Structure

Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) is one of the banks that have endeared itself to many Nigerian bank customers. Their products and services are personalized and user-friendly, and their staffs are usually friendly and willing to help customers at all times. But how much exactly are GT Bank’s staffs paid to put up such a high level of excellence in products provision and service delivery? This article answers just that. Read on.

GTBank Staff Salary Structure :

Firstly, GT Bank has two categories of staffs. We have the Permanent staffs and the Contract/temporary staffs.


GTBank Contract/Temporary Staffs Salary :

As the name implies, contract staffs are those that are employed on temporary basis. Their employment agreements are reviewed periodically. The average monthly salary of contract workers at GT Bank is around 70,000 naira. However, in a few cases, this amount may be slightly higher or lower, as it may be influenced by the employee’s qualification, level of experience, and department within the bank. Contract IT staff may earn higher than other contract staff in other departments. I.T students, i.e. students on Industrial Attachment also qualify as temporary staff – to an extent – and are paid a minimum of 40,000 naira.

GTBank Permanent Staffs :

under normal circumstances, all permanent staffs earn considerably more than contract staffs. The reason for this, among others, includes the fact that they will have been serving in the system longer than the contract staff. Permanent staffs at entry-level positions earn a minimum of 209,000 naira monthly, irrespective of one’s unit in the bank. Asides the basic salary, permanent staffs also have access to a number of benefits and allowances; and, their salary also increases as they stay longer in the system and climb up the ladder of leadership and relevance in the organization.

Other staffs in the bank and their salaries include:

Assistant Banking Officers, which earn an amount of 250,000 naira every month.

Banking Officers, which go home with a monthly salary of 350,000 naira.

Senior Banking Officers, which earn around 500,000 naira monthly.

Assistant Managers, which earn up to 650,000 naira monthly.

Deputy Managers, which are paid up to 800,000 naira monthly.

Branch Managers, which are the bosses at the branch level, and so earn in excess of 1.3 million naira monthly.


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