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First Bank Nigeria Plc., also known as ‘First Bank’ is the premier bank in West Africa. It has grown over time to establish itself as Nigeria’s leading bank brand.

First Bank has a very efficient Customer care department. The primary duty of the customer care department is to ‘care’ for the bank’s customers; that is, to ensure that at all times, all that their banking needs are adequately met and all grievances are dissolved.

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Detailed functions of the customer care department include:

Provision of information: This is an important aspect of First Bank customer care services. Customers always come with their questions and confusions, and it is the responsibility of the customer care personnel to ensure that all their questions are adequately answered. To do this, they prepare forms, cards, and portals to receive all requests for information from customers.


Resolution of conflicts: This is perhaps the most important function of customer care officers. As efficient as technology is, it is not perfect, and things may go wrong often. When such aberrations occur, customers are affected, and they usually feel aggrieved – especially if it results in a temporary or permanent loss of money or opportunity for them. It is the responsibility of the customer care officers to treat their complaints in such a way that the customer’s losses are recompensed to the best of the bank’s ability – if possible, and in light of current policies – in such a way that the bank does not record any loss, and so that the relationship between the customer and the bank does not go sour.

First Bank Customer Care Center (FirstContact) Channels:

Email: [email protected]


Phone: +234700FIRSTCONTACT (+234 700 34778 2668228)

+234 7080625000



First Bank Head Office Address

First Bank head Office is located at: Samuel Asabia House, 35 Marina, P.O Box 5216, Lagos, Nigeria.

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  1. Good day. My name is Isaac Osuoha Gloria ogechi I need ur urgent help. The number I used in registering my Bvn has be misplace this is my current phone no 08141646897 am using. Am trying to check my Bvn through my phone but it was not this number I use in registering it. I will be greatful if this no will b allow to check my Bvn.

  2. Azeéz MUTIU first bank account number 3026386066 I mistakenly paid in to sterling bank account no0007490348 instead of Stanbic how do I go about this Ive visited sango Ota branch on 31of July 2018 and a message was sent to me that the issue will be resolved on 1 of August 2018 ever since then they were directing me from sterling bank to first bank here and there infact am fed up I have to see the sterling bank manager who later told me that first bank hasn’t attempt to such issues kindly assist me on this issue as soon as possible for me to be honest in the presence of client receiving the cash thanks 08025021553

  3. I have written series of emails through firstcontact but no one seems to respond to me and i wonder what is going on. I am highly frustrated and require your urgent attention to resolve my issue because my means of livelihood is at stake.
    I am finding it difficult to transfer some funds through firstbank online platform, am reseiving INCORRECT TOKEN DETAILS PASSED.
    please i urge you to kindly assist me as soon as possible.
    Online user name:cfelix
    Token serial number: 0835119763

  4. My name is olakunle FATAI OLUSANYA, I have been having problem with first bank and sterling bank MAGORO branch debited me sum of 82,390 since march 18,2018.am totally disappointed for not been response to by ur bank over this issues. ACC nur 3024840452.pls pls pls am begging in the name of Allah to help me to get my money back from this sterling bank MAGORO branch.

  5. I have been complaining since this days with out reply.pls don’t let this money go just like that pls am begging u people. I will be glad to hear from u people.tnks God bless.

  6. Complaint over undelivered cash transfer from first bank to access bank over ten days. The access bank was 11digits instead of 10 digits and d cash was not reverse. At LASPOTECH Ikorodu branch. Please help me out it’s for my child fees,my husband is already complaining.

    Account name: Samson Aina Joy
    Number: 3040352241

    Mistakenly sent to 11digits number in access (07067400741) instead of 10digits (0706740741) Grace Mazose Igbadun.

    Please kindly help me reverse d cash.

  7. Hello First bank team,
    My name is Onyedikachi Ihedioha a.k.a Mc Gentle.I wish to inform you that i wanted to recharge my MTN phone line via online(Firstbank App),the money was debited on my firstbank account without crediting my phone account.The details of my transaction is thus;
    My Account name:Onyedikachi Ihedioha.
    My Account number: 2017075695.
    Amount: N500
    Date:9th September,2018.
    Phone Number: 08035528252.
    Time of transaction: 8.06pm
    Please investigate this failed transaction and credit my airtime.
    Thank you.

  8. Revert the amount debited my account for recharge without crediting my account. Details: Amount 200, Account 2004465070, Phone no for recharge 08130456467, Date 06/10/18

  9. good day, please I make a transfer from my first bank account since on the 25th September till now dey have not revised my money, from the bet account here is my first bank 3064295524

  10. My name is Emmanuel Sunday David, a union bank account holder number 0029471833, i mistakenly transfered a sum of 160, 000 to first bank account number 2032106547 on the 28th of November, 2018 via ATM, my bank have written but no reply, please help me to effect the reversal, am in trouble as a result of the error, thanks. 07035809233.

  11. pls how u help me with my account because am unable to withdraw and transfer cash on my account and i went to your branch in Ahoada rivers state and they are telling me to go back to my branch to solve the issue or u call the number at the back of my ATM and av done that but the number is not going.And I need cash where I am because I opened the account in Ogun state

  12. Am ogidan Daniel I have problem about my donmisilary a/c it as been a long time since I open it please am not in Nigeria now and I want to real activitate my a/c

  13. Please I beg you in the name of God, kindly return my money, this has been going on for long now, I try recharging my line from my bank account, first bank debit me without crediting my line, if you know what good for you better return my money now, if not you will hear from my lawyer

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