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First Bank Mobile Banking

First Bank Customer Care Center Details

First Bank Nigeria Plc., also known as ‘First Bank’ is the premier bank in West Africa. It has grown over time to establish itself as Nigeria’s leading bank brand.

First Bank has a very efficient Customer care department. The primary duty of the customer care department is to ‘care’ for the bank’s customers; that is, to ensure that at all times, all that their banking needs are adequately met and all grievances are dissolved.

First Bank Mobile Banking

Detailed functions of the customer care department include:

Provision of information: This is an important aspect of customer care services. Customers always come with their questions and confusions, and it is the responsibility of the customer care personnel to ensure that all their questions are adequately answered. To do this, they prepare forms, cards, and portals to receive all requests for information from customers.

Resolution of conflicts: This is perhaps the most important function of customer care officers. As efficient as technology is, it is not perfect, and things may go wrong often. When such aberrations occur, customers are affected, and they usually feel aggrieved – especially if it results in a temporary or permanent loss of money or opportunity for them. It is the responsibility of the customer care officers to treat their complaints in such a way that the customer’s losses are recompensed to the best of the bank’s ability – if possible, and in light of current policies – in such a way that the bank does not record any loss, and so that the relationship between the customer and the bank does not go sour.

First Bank Customer Care Center (FirstContact) Channels:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +234700FIRSTCONTACT (+234 700 34778 2668228)

+234 7080625000


First Bank Head Office Address

First Bank head Office is located at: Samuel Asabia House, 35 Marina, P.O Box 5216, Lagos, Nigeria.

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