Fidelity Bank Staff Salary Structure


Fidelity Bank Nigeria Plc. is a large Nigerian commercial bank. It is one of the most capitalized banks in Nigeria and indeed Africa, with assets worth in excess of #1 trillion naira. Fidelity bank has a huge customer base with several branches littered across Nigeria.

Among all the banks in Nigeria, Fidelity bank is known for its culture of excellence in the provision and delivery of its innovative products and services. It also has a preference for absolute satisfaction for its customers, no matter the cost.

Fidelity Bank Internet Banking

As is well known, employees of banking institutions are one of the highest earners in the Nigerian labour market. Second only to the Oil and Gas industry, the banking industry is often the dream of many young graduates and youth corpers seeking jobs. However, to really make a fortune in the banking industry, the aspiring banker will need to be patient, hardworking, dedicated and also ready to establish and maintain a good working relationship with their colleagues and superiors.

How Much Does a Fidelity Bank Staff Earn

Fidelity bank is one of the well-paying banks in Nigeria. Their average salary surpasses the general average salary threshold for all levels of employees in the Nigerian banking sector. It is worthy to note that Fidelity bank, just like most other banks, has different cadres of staffs, and the salary structure is operated and sustained with reference to these different staff classes. Among many classifications, there are two major categories of bank staffs, which are permanent staffs and temporary staffs. As the names imply, permanent staffs are those that are employed on permanent basis; while temporary staffs are those employed on contract or temporary basis and whose contracts/terms of engagement are reviewed periodically and assessed, after which a decision to renew or annul the contract is taken by the bank.


Under these two main categories, there are a number of sub-categories, and it is these sub-groups that determine the monthly salary earned.

Sub-groups under the temporary staffs’ category include:

  • Interns/IT Students: Earnings in this class depend on the employee’s qualification, terms of employment and department within the bank. In all cases, the monthly salary is usually in the range of #10,000 –#15,000 naira.
  • Graduate Trainees: These are qualified individuals who are employed by the bank and put on compulsory specialized training for a period of time; during which they will still function as temporary staffs until their training is completed and their performances assessed, after which a decision is taken on whether they will be drafted in to the bank system as permanent staffs. Graduate trainees earn approximately #60,000 naira monthly.

Sub-groups under the permanent staffs’ category include:

  • Entry-level staffs: The entry-level category is the basic level of permanent staffs. Their functions within the bank differ across a number of departments, and they earn a monthly salary package of #140,000 naira. Asides this basic net pay, they are also entitled to receive a discretionary annual bonus, as well as other benefits that may or may not include free healthcare, performance incentives, and etcetera.


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