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EPF Calculator

Calculate Maturity Amount of EPF (Employee’s Providient Funds)

Employee’s Providient Funds (EPF) Calculator

Calculate EPF, Maturity Amount, Total Interest, Your & Employer's Contribution

Online EPF Calculator


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Employer's Contribution:

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Maturity Amount:

Your Contribution

Employer's Contribution

Total Interest

Maturity Amount

What is an EPF Calculator?

EPF calculator or Employees Provident Fund calculator is an online tool to determine the exact monetary benefit a person is going to receive after his retirement. EPF is a scheme for service holder people who are working in private sector. Both employee and employer contributed to this fund on a regular basis and thus the employee get a lump sum amount when he retires because the interest is also payable to this amount.

Now the real problem is, figuring out the EPF at the time of retirement is a hard task to crack as it includes a lot of factors altogether while calculating such as salary, DA, interest rate, tenure etc. to lower the burden, Online EPF CALCULATOR is there. It calculates the whole scenario within a second and release the user from the hardship of calculation. Just submit the values and get the result within no time.

Why use EPF Calculator?

if you are determine to calculate the EPF manually, then you have to consider a series of factors to be appeared in the whole calculation process like current age, retirement age, tenure of service, rate of interest, contributions from both the parties and a lot, it requires a lot of time and correct mathematical approach. There are also chances of human error. So, Why take this much of pressure when you have a simple one stop solution for calculating, An EPF CALCULAOR, Which can saves a lot of time and do the job effectively.

Advantages of using EPF Calculator :

There are reasons why these calculator is make a huge impact on the market,

  • Chances of error is limited.
  • Saves a lot of time.
  • Can use literally anywhere.
  • Don’t have to be a techie to use it.
  • Works in a value put manner. Submit the value and get the result.

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