Diamond Bank Staff Salary Structure

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Diamond Bank Nigeria is a very customer-friendly bank in Nigeria. They have been in operation for quite a number of years now, and they have shown consistency and innovation in the discharge of their business operations. They have a quite large customer base, and their branches are littered all over Nigeria.

Diamond bank is known for time-effectiveness and excellence in appearance and service delivery. Their operations are user-friendly and simplified, and their staffs are kind and courteous. Amongst all the banks in Nigeria, Diamond bank staffs earn considerably wonderful salaries. As with all banks, Diamond bank has different categories of staffs; and this article explores the salary details of staffs of Diamond bank. This post is recommended for you if:

  • You are considering applying for employment in Diamond bank; or
  • You are currently working in Diamond bank, expecting promotion and want to know what salary range to expect at that new level you expect to ascend to; or
  • You are attending a job interview with Diamond bank and you want to know what to answer if you are asked a question of how much you expect to be paid if you are employed; or
  • You are not working with Diamond bank but you want to know their salary structure, in order to make a decision on your employment options.
Diamond Bank Staff Salary Structure

Whichever be your reason may be, read on. This post covers the salary scale of Diamond bank staffs in detail. Enjoy!

Diamond Bank Graduate Trainees Salary

Graduate trainees are employees that are enlisted for training immediately they are employed. Their training lasts for a few months, during which they will still be working for the bank. Graduate trainees at Diamond bank earn a monthly salary of 80,000 naira.


Diamond Bank Entry-level Salary

Once the training is complete, tests passed and recommendation for promotion/full acceptance is issued and approved, the employees are upgraded to the status of entry-level staffs. This level is more like the basic level for all workers. Diamond bank pays its entry-level staffs a monthly salary of 240,000 naira. They are also entitled to receive some fringe benefits.

Diamond Bank Loan officers Salary

Loan officers are usually those who have been tested and tried in the system for a long period of time.  A loan officer will have established a good record of service, impact and sacrifice towards the growth and progress of the bank, before he/she can be recommended and approved to be promoted to the office of a loan officer. This is because the responsibilities attached to the office are very critical to the operations of the bank. Huge responsibility attracts huge pay: as Diamond bank pays its loan officers a lump sum of 1.1 million naira per month!

Diamond Bank Credit Analysts Salary

Credit analysts are another class of strategic bank functionaries. They earn a cool sum of 1.2 million naira monthly.

Diamond Bank Branch Managers Salary

These are the bosses of the branches. As the name implies, they oversee all operations of the bank. They also make the administrative decisions necessary. They earn up to 1.5 million naira monthly!


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