Current Account Comparison of YES Bank and ICICI Bank

Current Account Comparison of YES Bank and ICICI Bank

The Current Account – also known as a Demand Deposit account is specifically opened by businessmen to enable large number of transactions with the bank. These transactions include deposits, withdrawals and contra transactions. Current account can also be opened in either of the banks – private, public, co-operative or commercial banks.

Current Account Comparison of YES Bank and ICICI Bank
Current Account for businesses is not just a nencessity but also a wise decision

The account is free from limitations of deposits and withdrawals, one can go on with the transaction without giving any prior notice. Account accepts deposits and withdrawals. Cheque facility is possible under these. The current account is not liable for receiving any interest payments.


  • Special accounts for businesses
  • It is a non-interest yielding account
  • The account needs a higher minimum balance
  • Non-maintenance of minimum balance leads to penalties
  • Current account doesn’t come with a fixed maturity term
  • Current account enables businessmen to make regular transactions
  • There is no limit to number and amount of deposits and withdrawals made
Current Account Comparison of YES Bank and ICICI Bank

Here we will discuss two of the leading bank’s current account

Yes Bank

Yes Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in the country. It understands the dynamic needs of its customers and offers a wide variety of products accordingly. For instance it offers savings account, Recurring account, current account, fixed deposits and so on.


Here we will discuss one of the most in-demand product of Yes Bank i.e. current account. It entails a flexible feature to meet your regular business needs. Apart from enabling business growth also offers transparent pricing structure, cutting-edge banking technology by combining it with their expert knowledge.

Yes Bank offers various types of current accounts to its customers such as:

Business Value Current Account

The average quarterly balance to be maintained in this account is Rs 10,000. By maintaining the minimum balance you get leverage of free cash deposit up to Rs 2 lakh per month. This account also enables customers to issue up to 60 demand draft per month.

Business Growth Current Account

In this account the average quarterly balance to be maintained is Rs 30,000. By maintaining the minimum balance you get leverage of up to Rs 5 lakh per month.


Business Benefited Current Account

By maintaining an average quarterly balance up to Rs 70,000, the customer can enjoy the advantage of free deposits up to Rs 20 lakh per month. As this account enables the customer to issue unlimited demand draft per month, you can be assured of hassle-free business.

Business Edge Current Account

The average quarterly balance requirement for this account is Rs 2 lakh and a customer gets the advantage of free cash deposits up to Rs 50 lakh per month.

Services Offered

The bank offers its customers with convenient and free internet banking, IMPS facility, digital solutions and free usage of business debit cards at ATMs.  As this account also offers value-added banking packages, you have a choice of premium value-added services to suit your business. You can also look at an auto-upgrade facility.

It enables one to avail higher free limits and better services with a routine review of your account ensuring it doesn’t move to the lower tier.


How to apply

To apply for a current account, you can either visit the nearby branch and you can visit the website and apply https://www.yesbank.in/business-banking/current-account.

Current Account Comparison of YES Bank and ICICI Bank


To suit the needs of the Medium Small and Medium Enterprises, ICICI bank offers comprehensive banking solutions and the current account makes your day-to-day transactions hassle-free by providing facilities like internet banking, mobile banking and tax payments.

Similar to Yes Bank, ICICI Bank too offers different types of current account in accordance with the changing needs of the business:

Regular Current Account Products for Domestic Business

This is suitable for small and mid-sized traders, self-employed professionals and other business with an annual turnover of less than Rs 2 crore.


Premium Current Account Products for Domestic Purpose

Premium services are offered and suitable for growing business.

Current Account Products for Import and Export Businesses

This offers composite banking solutions for importers and exporters with roaming current account and global trade services.

Services offered

ICICI Bank has made business banking easy by offering mobile banking, internet banking, tax pay solutions, business banking debit cards and cash and cheque pick up facility.

Furthermore, it also offers free services, with customised offerings and higher limits for daily transactions.


How to apply

If willing to open a current account with ICICI Bank you can either visit the nearest branch or apply through the website https://www.icicibank.com/business-banking/current-account/documentation.page#toptitle, choosing the purpose of business.


The current account is a zero-balance account useful for business entities to carry out business. Further, it is one of the necessities for all business to have.

Current account offers certain advantages to the customers – enabling a hassle-free business process overall. A regular overdraft facility enables them to withdraw more money than what is actually present in the account to meet business needs.

Free demand deposits, pay orders and NEFT/RTGS transactions are the other advanatges. These are apart from the unlimited numbers of deposits and withdrawals.



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