Gotv Subscription Payment, Packages & Prices

For numerous GOtv users in Nigeria making payments is no longer a problem as there are numerous ways to make Gotv subscription payments without stress.  No more queuing in the bank to make payments, Gotv payments can be made from your mobile phone in the comfort of your sitting room.

Dstv Payment, Packages, Subscription & Prices

DSTV payments can be made via Quickteller and its easy of use has made it the number one go-to 3rd party app for making DSTV Subscription payments. Just before you make that payment and you need to verity the price and channels you would get for each bouquet please read below.

Quickteller Customer Care Number & Contact Details

Quickteller makes it easy to conduct financial transactions easily where ever you are. Regular transactions such as money transfer, buying of airtime, data, make payments, receiving payments and paying for bills or services can be done with quickteller quickly, smoothly and conveniently. As long as you have a Bank account

Internet Banking Login for Major Banks in Nigeria

iBank stands for Internet Banking and if you bank with more than one bank you would have observed that most banks internet banking login platform starts with iBank and then followed by the primary domain of the bank. This makes it easier for every customer of a bank to remember