Keystone Bank Staff Salary Structure

The banking sector is one of the most lucrative sectors in Nigeria. It ranks high among the highest-paying industries in Nigeria. Many persons who are currently working as bank employees would almost readily give their all to maintain their jobs, while those who aspire to get those jobs would give

SWIFT / SORT Codes for All Nigerian Banks

The SWIFT or SORT Code is usually demanded when there is a transfer between banks most especially if its a bank outside your country. It is a standard format also called the Business Identifier Codes (BIC) and it helps identify banks and financial institutions in a unique way globally. The

How To Check Your Keystone Bank Account Balance

Keystone Bank is a new generation bank in Nigeria. Following the regulations of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), they have developed a Mobile banking system to meet the needs of their customers. In times past, bank customers had to go through strenuous procedures in order to perform basic transactions