GTBank Internet / Online Banking

GTBank Internet / Online Banking GTBank Plc is one of Africa’s largest and best performing financial institution with vast business knowledge and interests spanning West and East Africa, as well as in the United Kingdom. The Bank has an asset base of over 2.93 trillion, shareholders funds over 452 billion and

How to Get a GTBank Token

The GTBank token is a small electronic device with a button and a small screen which displays random set of numbers (6 digits) each time the button is pressed. The device is used for making secured transaction on your GTBank Internet Banking Platform. Some of the actions that would require

GTBank Customer Care Center Contact Details

GTBank Customer Care Center Contact Details Founded in 1990, Guarantee Trust Bank (GTBank) is one of the most innovative and youth-friendly banks in Nigeria. Little wonder, a large chunk of their customer base consists of young and trendy folks. GTBank has one of the most reliable and easily accessible customer

GTBank Staff Salary Structure

In every crowd, there will always be a handful of individuals who stand out. The Nigerian banking sector is filled with several banks: but amongst the many, few readily come to mind as most preferred to do business with by both individuals and businesses; due to either the bank’s preference

SWIFT / SORT Codes for All Nigerian Banks

The SWIFT or SORT Code is usually demanded when there is a transfer between banks most especially if its a bank outside your country. It is a standard format also called the Business Identifier Codes (BIC) and it helps identify banks and financial institutions in a unique way globally. The

How to Check GT Bank Account Balance

In previous years, GT Bank customers could not easily access their accounts due to the huge amount of customers the bank staff had to attend to on a regular basis.  During that period, banking operations were very slow, inefficient, and clumsy; and this often displeased and frustrated many customers. However,