Fidelity Bank Staff Salary Structure

Fidelity Bank Nigeria Plc. is a large Nigerian commercial bank. It is one of the most capitalized banks in Nigeria and indeed Africa, with assets worth in excess of #1 trillion naira. Fidelity bank has a huge customer base with several branches littered across Nigeria. Among all the banks in

SWIFT / SORT Codes for All Nigerian Banks

The SWIFT or SORT Code is usually demanded when there is a transfer between banks most especially if its a bank outside your country. It is a standard format also called the Business Identifier Codes (BIC) and it helps identify banks and financial institutions in a unique way globally. The

How To Check Your Fidelity Bank Account Balance

As a customer of a Nigerian bank, you will want to keep a close eye on the activities going on in your account. In previous years, this was only possible by coming directly to the nearest branch of your bank to make appropriate enquiries; and this usually required the customer

Top 10 Best Banks in Nigeria

The top 10 Best Banks in Nigeria includes FirstBank , Zenith and Gt Bank The banking industry in nigeria has experienced tremendous growth over the years, with major industry players setting the trend for easy and convienient banking through the establishment of packages such as Internet and mobile banking, making

How To Check Your Bank Account Balance Using Your Phone

Checking your bank account balance have been made easier and faster with the introduction of easy to access banking platforms(e-banking). With options to perform transactions either by Internet banking, mobile banking, or via ATM machines. One would think that without internet connection most of these platforms can’t be able to