Access Bank Staff Salary Structure

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Access bank Nigeria is one of the most customer-friendly banks in Nigeria. Their products and services are user-friendly and easily accessible, their staffs are comely and courteous, and as a result, they have a large customer base. They also occasionally offer job opportunities to fresh graduates and young school-leavers periodically.

Access bank has been operating in the Nigerian banking system for quite some time, and was originally formed from a merger involving some banks that were once threatened by liquidation at some point in the recent past. With all the teething problems now effectively gone, Access bank has blossommed to become one of Nigeria’s most stable and reliable banks. Little wonder, customers and investors – local and foreign – love to do business with them.

Access Bank Staff Salary Structure

Access bank staffs are among the best-paid in the Nigerian banking industry. If you are considering applying for employment with Access Bank, this article will come in handy.

Let us now take an inside look into how much Access Bank pays their staffs on a monthly basis. Also, bear in mind that the salary is ranked according to the amount of years one has spent working in the bank, the qualifications one possesses, the skills, attributes and leadership capacity one has developed, and the level of impact that has been contributed towards the development of the bank.

As with all banks, Access Bank employs graduate trainees. The bank places these sets of persons on a specialized training scheme for a period of time, in order to imbue them with the latest terminologies, methodologies and operations pertaining to the banking industry. However, even while the training is on, they would still be working at the bank. They are more like ‘temporary employees’, and they have a monthly salary of 43,000 naira only.

Access Bank has another cadre of employees called Executive trainees. Persons in this category have specialized functions, and their responsibilities are higher than those of the graduate trainees. Executive trainess at Access Bank earn a lump salary of 230,000 naira every month. They may alo be entitled to receive certain benefits and allowances.

Access Bank Entry-level Employees Salary

Entry-level staffs at Access Bank are among the highest-paid entry-level staffs in the entire Nigerian Banking sector. Much unlike other banks, their pay is quite high. Many strive to become entry-level personnel at Access bank due to the attractive salary, as well as the varying benefits and allowances that may be available for them to enjoy. Under normal circumstances, entry-level staff at Access Bank earn at least 237,000 naira every month! For this reason, promotions and employments into entry-level positions at the bank are usually very competitive.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Other staff at the bank include the Customer care officers, which earn considerably well, as well as the branch managers. The branch managers are the bosses of the banks at the branch level.

Access bank branch managers earn in the region of 800,000-900,000 naira monthly, in addition to an official car and several other mouth-watering allowances.

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