How to Register for Access Bank Internet Banking


Access Bank Internet Banking makes it easy to make basic transactions from your home or office as long as you have a computer or mobile device with internet connectivity.

Internet Banking is available via the Access Bank Internet Banking Portal or via the Access Bank Mobile Banking App which is available both on Android Google play store and iPhone App store.

Before using any of the platforms, a customer of Access Bank needs to register for Internet Banking on the portal which is available here at https://ibank.accessbankplc.com/RetailBank/.


You do not need to go to the bank, simply go to the link above and click on the “Register Now” that is just underneath the User ID box as shown in the image below.

Access Bank Internet Banking

You should be taken to another page and the first thing you need to do as a customer of Access Bank is to type in your account number in the text box provided and click on Next, the account number can either be a savings or a current account. Find image below for a clearer understanding.
Do ensure that you provided the correct details when you opened your bank account such as phone number and email.


After you click on the next button and a code (authentication ID) will be sent to your mail and the phone number used in opening the bank account.


This is to ensure the registration is being carried out by the account owner. If you do not get an authentication ID or code, you would need to visit the nearest Access Bank Branch (Click Here to See List of all Access Branches Nationwide) to either provide your correct phone number, email address or better-still inform the customer service officer to enable Internet banking on your account.

After getting the code a box is provided where you have to enter the received code and submit the code sent to you. If correct, you should be taken to a new page where you choose your preferred ID/username, Password and secure Image.


The secure image is a security feature that displays whenever you type in your username on the Access Bank Internet Banking platform, this is to ensure you are on the right platform or portal.
If you type in your username/ID and you do not see the image you selected while registering, do not type in your password as fraudsters have found a way of replicating banking platforms and their aim is to get your login details so they can conduct fraudulent transactions with your account.

After choosing your preferred username/ID, password and secure image go ahead and accept the terms and conditions and click on the Submit button and you have successfully registered for the Access Bank Internet Banking Portal where you can make online transfers, pay bills, check account balance and so on.

Do note that you cannot make transfers to other banks which is also called third party transfers as you would require a token for that. To get the Access Bank Token do visit any of the Access Bank Branches nearest to you. A small fee of N1,500 would be deducted from your account for the token and you can make any transfer to any bank in Nigeria.


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  1. Goodday, I register at access bank Ado Ekiti, some month ago ND I missed the account number, my efforts to get it back was fail everyday, please if u can get it to me back I will be very happy, because I have received transfer on it

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