Access Bank Internet Banking Application Form

Access Bank Internet Banking Application Form

If you need to start using the Access Bank internet banking you would need to register by filling the Access Bank Internet Banking Application form.

To download and fill the form click the link below:

After downloading the form you can fill the required details and take the form to any customer service representative in any Access Bank Branch.

Any easier and alternative method of registering for internet banking without visiting the bank is below.

A registration page found here: which is very simple and straight forward makes it simple for users to register for internet banking with Access Bank as each page is very explanatory.


To start filling the application form you need to have some details such as your account number (this can be either savings or current), phone number and email.

As explained in this post on How to Register for Access Bank Internet Banking, you should get a code sent to the phone number and email attached to the account number and this is a way of verifying that the account holder is the registrant.

If you do not get the code or if you filled in a different email or phone number while opening the account then you would need to visit any access bank branch to correct the details.

After typing in the code in the required field an different page is displayed where you can create your username, password and secured image.

This article is to help Access Bank customers find the access bank internet banking application form to get you started.

For full details on how to register without visiting the bank, this post should be of help:

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